Vasai Kala Krida Mahotsav 2017

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Vasai Kala Krida Mahotsav 2017 - Day 1

26th December 2017, marks the beginning of Vasai Kala Krida Mahotsav. The journey started by flaring up the prestigious sports torch by our respected MLA Shri Kshitij Thakur.  This sports torch was then relayed all the way from Virar to the Chinmaji Appa ground in Vasai where the opening ceremony of Kala Krida Mahotsav was to be held. 

Opening ceremony witnessed celebrity guest Sachin Khedekar along with cricketer Shardul Thakur and mayor of our city Smt. Praveena Hitendra Thakur. Parade by different school children was the start of the opening ceremony for Vasai Kala Krida Mahotsav 2017. The program proceeded with honoring all our guest following their speech. Shardul Thakur along with others dignitaries flared up the cauldron aka "मशाल" using the sports torch that was relayed in the afternoon. This "मशाल" will remain lit for the entire Vasai Kala Krida Mahotsav 2017

Many sports and cultural events had already started on the first day of Vasai Kala Krida Mahotsav 2017. Few cultural events like Photography, Rangoli, Crafts etc had inspection round yesterday where our guest for the evening visited each submission and praised the creativeness of our participants. Sachin Khedekar did the opening of the Kho-Kho event by raising the coconut on the ground, and also he met Kho-Kho players along with the officials of the game. 

You can visit our gallery section to find pictures of the inauguration ceremony. The result page has been published on our website and we will update it as soon as we have results with us.

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We will keep you posted on all the happening from Kala Krida Mahotsav.

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